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Providing a rigorous career and college preparatory curriculum and well-rounded arts education to enrich the lives of our students.


Nurturing the next generation of leaders to become invaluable citizens at the heart of Maine's cultural, economic, and social well-being.

Maine Arts Academy 

Public Charter High School

Sidney, ME 04330

Telephone:  (207) 618-8908

Web Site:

CEEB Code: 200009


Heather King: Head of School  

[email protected]

Rachel Merrill: Assistant Head of School

[email protected]


Demographics: Class of 2021-2022

39%  free or reduced lunch

0  English Language Learners

14% Special Education

School and Community

Maine Arts Academy is a co-educational public Arts high school providing a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and well-rounded arts education. Maine Arts Academy (Population: 225) is a performing- and visual arts-focused, free, public charter school currently serving 80 towns in Maine and is Maine’s only free, public high school for the arts. We strive to nurture the next generation of leaders to become invaluable citizens at the heart of Maine’s cultural, economic, and social well-being.

Life at Maine Arts Academy

Students at Maine Arts Academy will choose an arts pathway after their freshman year. During freshman year, they are able to take a variety of arts courses to help them decide their passions. We have full dance, theater, choral, instrumental and visual arts departments and are building a film studies department. 

Our students are busy! Because the schedule is built like a college schedule, it allows up to 8 courses along with a required study hall each day. Students take Monday/Wednesday courses and Tuesday/Thursday courses with an arts advisory on Fridays. Maine Arts Academy has 4 recitals each year. Visual arts students participate in several art shows on campus and in the community. Theater students, write, lead and direct their own shows performing a 10 minute play festival and One Acts night each year. Our choral and instrumental students perform at All State Music Festival, the Kennebec Valley Music Festival and Great East Music Festival along with many other community performances throughout the year. Our dance students focus on technique and composition in the classroom and perform several times throughout the year. 

Our Transcript

Maine Arts Academy uses a two-semester format. First-semester grades are available mid-January and second-semester grades are available the first week in June. First-semester mid-term grades are available in November and second-semester midterm grades are available in the beginning of April. Class rank is published by March 30 each school year. Students have a choice between two types of diplomas. A diploma of rigor requires a student to earn 10 fine art credits, 4 English credits, 4 Math credits, 3 social studies credits, 3 science credits, 2 language credits, 1 physical education credit, and .5 health credits. Grades are weighted. College courses are weighted at 2.0, honors courses are weighted at 1.5 and traditional courses are weighted at 1.0. Students are also able to get a college-ready diploma. 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students are able to take 12 college credits each year for free through the Explore Early College program.

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