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Social Studies

The analysis of social studies at Maine Arts Academy includes an understanding of history and major eras; the understanding of civics and government including an understanding of the United States and Maine; the understanding of a constitutional democracy; the understanding of a citizen’s role; an awareness of cultural diversity; an application of personal finance and; an understanding and identification of geography. The history department at Maine Arts Academy wants students to have a deeper understanding of the world around them, including their own unique community. Courses range from World History, US History, World Civilizations, Latin American History, Philosophy and History Through Literature. Students are also able to take college courses in history. 

Social Studies Courses Offered

  • U.S. History 

  • Honors U.S. History 

  • Current Events 

  • History Through Literature

  • World Civilizations 

  • Philosophy 

  • Honors Latin American History

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