Visual Arts Pathway

The MeAA Visual Arts program aims to spark student creativity and celebrate the processes of art making. Students are able to experience creative achievement through various mediums in a studio atmosphere while refining techniques and skills in the creation of 2 dimensional media . Students on the Visual Arts Pathway may take a general approach to exploring Creative Media or they may choose from three different concentrations:  Visual Arts, Photography, or Film Studies. The Visual Arts program allows students the opportunity to explore expanding media platforms and take initiative for their own artistic practice!

Suggested Courses


Level 1:

  • Foundations of Art

  • Intro to Video

  • Photography 1

Level 2     

  • Computer Applications

  • Photography 2

Pick one film elective:  

  • Film Studies

  • Film Production

Level 3&4: 

  • Business for the Professional Artist

Pick one film elective:  

  • Film Production 2

  • Literature as Film

  • Honors Film Genre and Theory

*Regular Diploma requires 8 Arts Credits


Diploma with Distinction:

Photography - All of the above classes, one UMA Art Course and one extra Film elective


Visual Arts - All of the above classes and two UMA Art Courses


Film - All of the above and two extra film classes