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Film Pathway

Students choosing this pathway will examine, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize the following: mise-en-scène (including shot composition, camera movement, and cinematography), editing, sound, and narrative structure in film; the history of film from the birth of cinema to the present day; the grammar and language of film comparative to literature; what makes a film a documentary; genre theory and criticism; and Marxist, feminist, reception, and auteur film theories. Furthermore, students will receive foundational and intermediate skills regarding the creation of films and understand various facets of pre-production, principal photography, and post-production, demonstrating an understanding of filmmaking techniques and cinematic language. At the culmination of this pathway, students should have a reel that includes a minimum of two narrative short films and one documentary short film that are submittable to film festivals.

Film Pathway Courses

Level 1:​

  • Introduction to Acting

Level 2:​

  • Photography 1

  • Creative Writing

  • Introduction to Film Studies

Level 3:

  • Honors Film Genre and Theory

  • Film Production 1

Level 4:

  • Business for Professional Artists

  • Cinematography

  • Film Production 2

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