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The study of science at Maine Arts Academy includes structure, properties, and behaviors of matter, forces and interactions, physical sciences, life science, and earth and space sciences. The curriculum also includes health concepts encompassing health information, risk reduction, and physical education through stretching and conditioning or dance. The science department at Maine Arts Academy wants students to have a solid foundation in the high school Maine Learning Results for Science. Courses range from Natural Science, Lab Biology, and Chemistry to Neurobiology. Students are also able to take college science courses.

Science Courses Offered:

  • Lab Earth Science 

  • Lab Biology 

  • Introduction to Lab Chemistry & Physics 

  • Introduction to Science with Lab Techniques

  • Honors Lab Chemistry  

  • Honors Lab Physics 

  • Honors Introduction to Lab Chemistry and Physics

  • Honors Anatomy & Physiology

  • Honors Microbiology

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