Dance Pathway

The Dance Program at Maine Arts Academy focuses on building confidence through movement.  Through sequential instruction in a variety of genres, students of all levels discover their abilities, strengthen their technique, improve form, and develop an appreciation of movement and dance.  The Dance Pathway allows students to gain experience collaborating with others while creating and performing original choreography.  Dance Students have the opportunity to perform in recitals, original choreography projects, collaborations, and an annual dance show. 

8 credits in the Dance Pathway to earn a concentration in Dance.

Dance Pathway Courses

Level 1:   

  • Movement Exploration

Level 2:

  • Dance Technique Lab 1 - Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop

  • Dance Technique Lab 2 - Ballet, Modern, Contemporary

  • Dance Technique Lab 3 - Jazz, Musical Theater, Tap

Level 3:

  • Dance Composition and Performance 

Incoming students may audition for advanced placement, otherwise, they should be placed in level 1 classes.