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Music Pathway Courses

 Foundational Skills Classes and Introductory Ensembles :

  • Piano Lab

  • Guitar Lab 

  • Vocal Lab

  •  Chorus

  • Strings Ensemble

  • Music Theory and Ear Training

  • Folk and Blues Ensemble


 Intermediate Ensembles

 Prerequisite: Music Theory & Ear Training​​

  • Classic Rock Ensemble Prerequisite: Folk & Blues Ensemble

  •  Music Composition Prerequisite: Folk & Blues Ensemble

  • Chamber Music Ensemble 

Advanced Music Ensemble 

Audition only. Prerequisite: Folk & Blues Ensemble, Music Theory & Ear Training

  • Jazz Ensemble 

  • Electroic Music Ensemble

Instrumental & Voice Focus

Vocal and Instrumental students on the Music Pathway gain experience through foundational skills classes and a wide selection of ensembles.  Music students are encouraged to broaden their skills by choosing a secondary instrument and through participation in Music Theory and Ear Training classes. ​

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