Directing, Stage Management & Playwriting Focus

The Directing/Playwriting/Stage Management Focus offers students the opportunity to work collaboratively to create original theater.  Our Theater Program at MeAA is quite unique. To date, every play produced by the MeAA Student Theater has been student written, student directed, and student designed! Skills learned in Directing, Playwriting, and Theater Leadership classes are immediately put to work!

Suggested Courses

Level 1:

  • Theater Games and Improv

  • Introduction to Acting

  • From Book to Stage


Level 2:

  • Honors Playwriting

  • Directing I

  • Theater Leadership I

  • One-Acts


Level 3:

  • Honors Playwriting II

  • One-Acts

  • Directing II

  • Theater Leadership II

  • UMA 101/106- Introduction to Drama (when offered)


Level 4:

  • Honors Playwriting III

  • One-Acts

  • Directing III

  • Theater Leadership III

  • UMA 101/106- Introduction to Drama (when offered)

What You Will Learn . . .



  • How to communicate and collaborate with others

  • A basic understanding of Theater History and the evolution of the stage

  • An expanded view of careers in Theater

  • The ability to connect work to historical, cultural, and societal influences

  • How to analyze a script for dramatic structure, turning points, and character arcs.

A few highlights from MeAA's student written & directed One Act play - Berry Juice!