Acting Focus

The Acting Program at Maine Arts Academy offers four levels of acting instruction based on the Stanislavski Acting System.  Classes focus on classical and contemporary texts, voice and movement training.  Acting students broaden their theater perspective by taking classes in Directing, Playwriting, and Theater Leadership.  Acting Students are encouraged to audition for One Acts class where they can be cast in upcoming productions.

Suggested Courses


Level 1:

  • Theater Games and Improv

  • Introduction to Acting

  • Dance and/or Voice Elective


Level 2:

  • Intermediate Acting

  • From Book to Stage

  • Honors Playwriting

  • One Acts

  • Dance and/or Voice Elective 


Level 3:

  • Advanced Acting I

  • One-Acts

  • Directing I

  • Theater Leadership I

  • UMA 101/106- Introduction to Drama (when offered)


Level 4:

  • Advanced Acting II

  • One-Acts

  • Directing II

  • Theater Leadership II

  • UMA 101/106- Introduction to Drama (when offered)

What You Will Learn . . . 

On the ACTING Pathway


  • How to communicate and collaborate with others

  • The ability to analyze scripts

  • How to apply acting, movement, and vocal techniques to create a character from classical and modern texts

  • How to give and incorporate critical feedback

  • A basic understanding to Theater History and Acting Methods

  • Skills in monologue preparation and audition techniques

A few highlights from MeAA's student written & directed One Act play - Beekeeper