Tragedy has hit our Maine Arts Acadmey family and we are extremely saddened at the loss of one of our student's mother.  We are having a fundraiser this Wednesday evening, May 25th at 6:00 pm at our BAND CONCERT to support this family who has 5 children. Please join us in supporting this family in great need.
Whether you choose to start a career immediately after high school or continue your education in college, Maine Arts Academy will prepare you with the confidence and skills you’ll need for success. Here is just a partial list of the colleges and universities that have accepted our graduates:


College and career preparatory academics

including honors and early college courses.

Instrumental and vocal courses in various styles and levels.

Dance courses in several styles from beginner to advanced.

Theatre and playwriting courses for a wide range of genres. 

Mixed media and videography courses analyze historic and modern visual arts.