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Theater & Film Focus

Students choosing the Theater and Film Studies Focus receive a solid foundation in acting, directing, and theater leadership skills. To these foundational skills, film studies courses are added where students will study, examine, analyze, and evaluate: mise-en-scène, editing, sound, and narrative structure in film; the history of film from the birth of cinema to the present day; the grammar and language of film comparative to literature; genre theory and criticism; what makes a film a documentary; and film theories such as Marxism, feminism, reception and autuer. Students will be asked to produce two short films as part of this concentration, demonstrating an understanding of filmmaking techniques and cinematic language. 

Theater and Film Focus Courses


Level 1:

  • Intro to Acting

  • From Book to Stage

Level 2:

  • Intermediate Acting

  • Honors Playwriting

  • Theatre Leadership

  • Honors Introduction to Film Studies

Level 3:

  • Theatre Leadership 2

  • One Acts 

  • Directing 1 

  • Honors Film Genre and Theory or Literature as Film 

Level 4:

  • One Acts 

  • Directing 2 

  • Honors Film Genre and Theory or Literature as Film

  • Theatre Leadership

  • Film Production

What You Will Learn . . . 

  • How to communicate and collaborate with others

  • The ability to analyze written scripts and screenplays

  • The ability to analyze, examine, and evaluate the elements of film

  • How to give and incorporate critical feedback

  • A basic understanding of Theater History, Acting and Directing Methods, and Film History

  • An expanded view of careers in both the theater and film industries

  • Practical experience making short films and working as part of a theater ensemble

A few highlights from MeAA's student written & directed One Act play - Beekeeper

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