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Section A                    Foundations and Basic Commitments

ABB               Staff Involvement in Decision Making

AC                  Nondiscrimination / Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action*

AC-R              Affirmative Action Grievance Procedure

ACAA             Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students*

ACAA-R          Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure

ACAB             Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees*

ACAB-R          Employee Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure

ACAD             Hazing

AD                  Educational Philosophy/Mission

ADA               School Goals and Objectives

ADAA             School Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior

(Code of Conduct)*

ADC/ADC-R    Use Of Tobacco On School Premises Prohibited        

ADF                 Commitment to Learning Results & Common Core Standards


Section B                    School Board Governance and Operations    


BBA                 Board Powers Possibilities

BBAA               Board Member Authority and Responsibilities

BCA                 Board Member Code of Ethics

BCB                 Board Member Conflict of Interest

BDB                 Board Officers

BDD                 Board – Executive Director Relationship

BDDH              Public Participation at Board Meetings

BEA                 Board Use of Electronic Mail

BEC                 Executive Sessions

BEDB/BED-R  School Board Meetings and Agendas

BEDJ               Broadcasting / Taping of Board Meetings

BEDL               Adjournment of School Committee Meetings

BFE/CHD         Administration in Policy Absence

BG                   Policy Review

BGC                 Policy Errors and Inconsistencies

BHC/GBD        School Board Staff Communications

BHD                 Board Communication


Section C        General School Administration

CB/CB-R          Executive Director*/Executive Director Contract

CC                   Administration Organization*

CHA                 Development of Administration Procedures

CHD/BHE           Administration in the Absence of Policy


Section D                    Fiscal Management

DN                   Disposal of School Properties



Section E                     Support Services

EBAA               Chemical Hazards

EBCA               Emergency Response Plan

EBCC               Bomb Threats

ECB                 Integrated Pest Management*

EBC-RI            Notice of Planned Pesticide Application

EBC-R2           Pest Management Notification

EDB                 Ownership of Instructional Materials, Student Records, School Supplies/Equipment and Related Property

EE                    Conveyance

EEA                 Student Transportation*

EEA-R             Student Transportation Appeal Procedure

EEA EAA         Transportation Policy on Drug & Alcohol Testing

EEA EAA-R     Drug and Alcohol Testing of Bus Drivers - Administrative Procedure

EEC                 School Bus No Idling*

EFC                 Eligibility for Free and Reduced

EFDA               Food Payment

EFE                  Food and Beverage Offerings Within School


Section F                     Facilities Development


Section G                    Personnel

GBBAA            Blood-born Pathogens Exposure Control

GBCA              Nepotism (Also BCC)

GBEBB            Staff Standards of Conduct with Students

GBEC              Drug Free Workplace*

GBEC-R          Drug Free Workplace Procedures

GBGA              Staff Members with HIV / AIDS

GBJ                  Personnel Records and Files

GBN                 Family and Medical Leave*

GBN-R1          Family and Medical Leave Act Administrative Procedure

GBN-R2          Maine Family Medical Leave Administrative Procedure

GCB                 Substitute

GCCA              Extended Leaves of Absence

GCFB               Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff*

GCFB-R          Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff Procedures

GCI                  Professional Staff Development Opportunities

GCOA             Teacher Evaluation Plan

GCOCA           Evaluation of Administrative Staff

GCQC             Resignation of School Employees

GCQG             Exit Interviews

GCSA              Employee Computer and Internet Use*

GDQD             Discipline and Discharge for Non-Union Employees


Section H                    Negotiations

(None Listed)



Section I                      Instruction

IAA                   Service Learning

IE                     Grade Placement

IGA                   Curriculum Development and Adoption

IHBA                Individualized Education Programs

IHBAA              Referral/Pre-Referral*

IHBAC              Child Find

IHBAL              Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities

IHBB                Educational Program for the Gifted and Talented

IHBEA             Lau Plan

IHBGB             Supplemental Statement of Rights for Private School / Homeschooling Students with Disabilities

IHCDA             Post Secondary Enrollment Options

IHD                  Community Education Council Roles and Responsibilities

IJJ                    Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection*

IJND/IJND-R    School Web Site / Web Pages*

IJNDB              Student Computer, Internet Use, and Cyber Safety*

IJNDB-R          Student Computer and Internet Use Rules

IJNDB-E          Electronic Resources - User Acknowledgment Form

IJOC                School Volunteers*

IKA                   Student Assessment

IKB                   Homework Guidelines

IKF                   Curriculum Requirements

IKJ                   Student Performance Policy

ILA                   Student Assessment / Local Assessment System

ILD                   Educational Research:  Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations

IMBB                Exemption from Required Instruction

IMDA                Patriotic Exercises

IMDB                Flag Displays

IMDC               Observance of Religious Holidays


Section J                     Students

JEA                  Compulsory Attendance

JFABA             Student Enrollment

JFABD             Admission of Homeless Students

JFC                  Dropout Prevention Student Withdrawal from School

JFCK                Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices*

JFCK-R           Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices Procedures

JGAB               Assignment of Students to Classes:  Transfer Students and Home Schooling Students

JHB                  Truancy

JIC                   Student Discipline

JICB                 Care of School Property by Students

JICH                 Drug and Alcohol Use by Students

JICH-R            Substance Use/Abuse Procedures

JICK                 Bullying

JICIA                Weapons, Violence and School Safety

JJIF                 Concussion

JKAA                Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion*

JKAA-R           Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion

JKD                  Suspension of Students

JKE                  Expulsion of Students*

JKE-R              Expulsion of Students Guidelines

JKF                  Disciplinary Removals of Students with Disabilities*

JKF-R              Disciplinary Removals of Students with Disabilities Administrative Procedure

JL                     Student Wellness

JLC                  School Health

JLCB               Immunization of Students

JLCC               Communicable / Infectious Diseases

JLCCA             Students with HIV / AIDS

JLCD                Administering Medication to Students*

JLDBG            Reintegration of students from correctional facilities

JRA                  Student Education Records*

JRA-R             Student Education Records Administrative Procedure




Section K                    School – Community – Home Relations

KBBA               Custodial and Noncustodial Parent Rights and Responsibilities

KBF                  Parent Involvement in Title I

KG                   Post-Secondary Student Recruitment

KH                    Advertising / Solicitation in School

KI                     Visitors in School

KL                    Public Concerns


Section L                     Education Agency Relations

(None Listed)




            *Indicated Procedures, Guidelines, or forms attached

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